Every year for the last 5 years I have lived in a new rented house (or halls for my first year), and every year I find myself in a white walled completely impersonal space. This year was no exception. My room is square and white. It’s bigger than most of my previous rooms, meaning more wall space. Yay!

I started decorating not long after I moved in, with an idea I’d seen somewhere on the internet. Coloured string, tiny pegs, and photos/postcards. I’m very pleased with the final effect. It’s pretty cute, and saves all those blu tac mark woes for those of us under the tyranny of landlords. No one wants to live in a soulless box, accept the marks. Especially in halls. There are poster sales on campus for the first month of term. You know we are all seeking to impress our peers with our movie/cultural/music taste. And most importantly, we know you aren’t going to do the ‘repainting’ you claimed off our deposit since whoever lives there next year is clearly going to do it anyway.

I’m not really one for huge posters anymore, they remind me too much of being at uni, and now that I am not I have tried to be more sophisticated in my decor. So aside from my pegs and pictures, I’ve also got 2 bits of wall with little montages of photos and cards. It’s a minimalist kind of effect, but I like it.

I want to get some prints of quotes from literature, and maybe running motivation too. Then I might be done. Maybe.




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