The power of the morning gym session

I used to think that going to the gym in the morning was an impossible task.

I struggle to get up to go to work enough as it is so how could I possibly manage a crazy feat like this?!

But, now as the weather has got nicer and my social calendar has become just a tad full even on week days, it just feels like there is no other alternative other than to go before work rather than after.

As my new gym is on the way to work (well, the next tube stop along actually but close enough) I decided to boldly try and go to a morning class once.

It was great.

I felt fantastic all day and super smug in the knowledge that I had done my gymming and was now free to go to dinner / drinks in the evening with friends without skipping a session!

And, just as an added bonus, it’s is so much quieter than at 7pm when everyone is there – I never have to wait for space or equipment which is so nice!

It is magical!

I do struggle sometimes to go and if I have slept particularly badly and am free to go another day or after work then I don’t force myself to go.

It does perhaps make me a little tired when I reach work from the extra early wake up call, but it’s nothing a delicious cup of coffee can’t fix!

I love that I can balance my desire to work out for my health and of course for that all important summer body, without having to sacrifice my social life!

I would honestly recommend it to anyone who didn’t think they could manage it because they ‘aren’t a morning person’ – ditch that excuse and go!

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