Brick Bar – Lego bricks and ball pits

I meant to write a blog post about my trip to brick bar weeks ago but I forgot and was reminded by a to do list I just found so in true organised fashion I am here posting about it a month on.

Brick bar DJ booth

No caption needed

Excitement of a pop up bar

I was very excited to hear that There was going to be a pop up Lego themed bar visiting London in April, in fact we booked our tickets through Secret London back when I was still working in Parliament so sometime in November I believe. I love Lego and spent hours as a child building everything from a pharaohs tomb to a mismatched The Burrow (that is the Weasley’s family home for all you muggles). I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy helping build the millennium falcon which we got for my Dad’s 60th recently either. Craig wanted to go check it out so naturally, I insisted we should indeed go build things whilst drinking alcohol.

Lording over my lego domain


We had booked for the final slot on Friday night which was 9-10.30pm, although it was open from midday hosting various time slots from Thursday – Friday at the end of April. The location, a warehouse in East London, was not revealed until a few days before. We opted to put bags in the cloakroom as we didn’t want them to get in the way of fun, who wants to take their massive work bag into a ball pit? Apparently half the people in attendance but there you go.

The event space

We of course took some photos by the brick entrance, before heading to the bar to get our hands on a Lego brick shaped cup of gin because who hasn’t had that dream?!

These may be the coolest cups ever

We quickly wandered around and started trying to find spare space / bricks to create things – that would have been an advantage of going earlier! Whilst there was plenty of wall space, it had pretty much all been taken and there were not loads of bricks left.


We grabbed a few photos around of the decor, including light up Lego men and a throne made of bricks, then jumped straight in the ball pit! There was a tiny basketball net which provides additional entertainment beyond struggling to get up every time you slipped down. It’s pretty relaxing chilling in a ball pit plus it makes a great boomerang haha.

Don’t mind me

We got another drink and completed some more construction before spending a load of time on the dance floor and bopping away with a Lego head on. The music was good, nice cheesy pop bangers to keep everyone on the dance floor.

Lego light

Food options

They had burgers with buns that looked like Lego bricks which were pretty fun, with chips to go with them, and there were donuts too 🍩 which looked delicious but I resisted because more gin in a Lego brick seemed like a better plan!

Think I make a great Lego person


It was a really fun experience and although it was pricey at £20 a ticket I really enjoyed the evening. It was a lot of fun and I’m really glad I got to go play with all the bricks and would definitely be up for going to more fun pop up themed bars in future!

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