Top Instagram spots in Malta

You’re away and having an amazing time in the sun whilst all your pals are back home working away on a week day and feeling smug. Obviously you want some good shots for the inevitable instagram posts. And there’s facebook album and to show your family (I genuinely make slide shows to show my parents on iPhoto, not even sorry). So where to go to get the perfect shot for the ‘gram in Malta? Well Malta has plenty of amazing spots, here are my recommendations of the best Instagram spots in Malta!

Valletta Streets and Doorways

Ok so all over the ancient city of Valletta you can find charming sand coloured buildings. Many of these are adorned with brightly coloured doors and matching box balconies.

instagram door valletta
Matching doors and balconies on point

There is a bunch of such buildings along Republic Street, which had lots of different colours. I would definitely recommend braving the city’s hilled streets to head over there! It is right by the St Elmo Fort (which has a war museum inside if you are interested in that kind of stuff), so should be easy to find with a google of that.

instagram street valletta
worth the walk back up the hill!

There are also plenty of tiny side streets, as well as more colourful decorations to be found. I think it is worth just getting a bit lost and wandering really to see what you can find! Valletta’s streets themselves are definitely one of my top instagram spots in Malta.

old door valletta
Another day another insta door
Valletta instagram street

Upper Barrakka Gardens

This beautiful public garden can be found in the upper tier of the St Peter and Paul Bastion. It offers stunning views over the three cities on the Grand Harbour. There is a lovely fountain and great arches and balconies everywhere. The gardens are definitely a good spot if you want to find a little peace in the city. There is also a cafe that had a good range of food and drink and plenty of cats hanging out there so I was pretty happy.

Upper Barrakka Gardens
Window to Malta

Manoel Island view of Valletta

Manoel Island lies off of Sliema and is connected to the mainland by bridge. It offers a fantastic view of the walled city of Valletta. You can wander down to the rocks that form the base of the island, which overlook the city. It is a great place to chill out, take in the sea air and enjoy the sun – loads of people were sunbathing with drinks, which we wish we had thought to do!

Instagram spots malta
Not a bad view of ancient Valletta

Bonus points for finding the most incredible flowering bush along the walk across the island. This offered a beautiful backdrop for a quick snap!

Instagram flowers spots malta
Better than any fake flower wall

Mdina Streets, Flowers and Gates

There are a bunch of cool things to take pictures with in Mdina. The silent city is well worth a visit, even though it is a longish bus from Valletta. You can read more about visiting the silent city here). Perhaps the most instagrammed spot is a blue door surrounded by vivid purple flowers. You have to walk right to the back of the city to find this door, not far from Coogi’s tea garden and restaurant. Side note – go to Fontanella’s tea room, it is amazing food, great views and quite cheap! You turn a corner and there is the door! It wasn’t too busy when we were there in early July, but there were a few people hovering waiting to do their photos, so you may have to wait a bit. You can see why this is many people’s top instagram spot in Malta…

Instagram door Mdina
The insta famous door of Mdina

The city walls are also nearby, so you can perch on those and take a snap looking out over the fields. This is pretty lovely with all the fields expanding towards the sea.

View from Mdina
Rolling fields

There are also lots of beautiful side streets waiting to be discovered. Plus plenty of other doors including what looked like a very old church, and a gate with a magnificent flowering tree.

Instagram flowers Mdina
Another cute spot for a picture
old church mdina
Kinda cool old building

Speaking of gates, the Mdina gate was used in a very early Game of Thrones episode as part of the Red City, which is pretty cool, although it was basically impossible to get a shot in with no people.

Game of Thrones gate Malta
Look no people! Getting our Game of Thrones on

Comino Crystal and Blue Lagoon

Get your GoPros out people, we are going swimming. Well, you don’t have to, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to in this beautiful clear water. Especially as the blue lagoon is not beyond waist height for quite a distance, which means swimming time.

Blue lagoon malta instagram
The ground was burning me

If you prefer the land, there is always the giant pineapple drinks you can buy to pose with on the rocky surface! For instance I went with a Pina Colada, it was very strong!

Blue lagoon pineapple cocktail malta
Couldn’t resist

Be warned though, there are lots and lots and LOTS of people here always. It was super busy, especially as we got here in the afternoon having done the crystal lagoon first, which by contrast, had few people other than some boats which arrived then left again. Read more about my trip to the island here! This definitely deserves its spot in the top instagram spots in Malta. Just look at that blueness!

Crystal lagoon Malta
We went for a cave explore


We visited some cool spots in Gozo, the first being the blue window, which is a natural rock formation which surrounds a small pocket of the sea. This is a very rare piece of geology which attracts some very cool marine ecosystems and is therefore very popular with divers. We didn’t go in here, other than the few people crazy enough to cliff jump in, but you can take snorkel and dive trips here!

the blue window diving gozo
Divers at the blue window

We went to the Citadel, which was pretty cool to see and learn about. Although I will confess, because I was too hungover to be happy about being outside with no shelter at 1pm, I didn’t think about taking photos really, which is a shame. They actually used to leave prisoners in the exposed cells to go mad in the heat apparently…

Gozo citadel
Gozo citadel has zero sun shelter

Next we went to Ramla Bay, which was lovely and not too busy. Nearby there is an abandoned hotel and a cave which you can explore. I had a nap on the beach but Craig at least braved the hike up to the cave, which looked like it had awesome views! It is only a few minutes hike, however maybe more than 10 as we were told!

Ramla bay Malta
Beautiful spot for a swim on Gozo

And that is me done with my guide to the top instagram spots in Malta!

Hope you have found this post useful if you are planning to visit the island and want to get some inspiration or location ideas for your instagram feed and holiday snaps!

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