Polo in the Park

Yesterday I went to polo in the park for the first time, and the 15 year old Jack Wills obsessed girl within was pretty excited that I was finally heading to this event in London’s social calendar.

What a fantastic day out it was.

The full outfit shot had to be done

What to wear to polo in the park

In the run up to the event I had no idea what to wear, so did a bunch of research on social media to see what people wore in previous years! I ended up ordering a dress from Boohoo which turned out to be perfect! I also literally bought my blazer at Wimbledon on the way to the event as I just didn’t trust the weather to hold out, so thank you H&M for your contribution to my day ha. It was quite a mix really, people were wearing everything from jeans and wellie boots to stilettos and full length dresses. I went with trusty New Look heels I bought to wear to the races years ago, which have a thick heel to avoid any grass sinking!

We scrub up ok

Arriving at polo in the park

We arrived nice and early, around 12 – the polo didn’t start until 2pm – in order to get a prime spot. We decide to base ourselves in the Lansons champagne enclosure, which was lovely and all decorated in pink to match the branding of their rose.

So much Lanson

We were even treated to the red arrows flying off above after the Trooping of the Colour, thanks Queenie! 😊

The Red Arrows

What to drink at polo in the park

We took it in turns to buy the white label Lanson which was delicious and came in at £75 a bottle, served with plastic flutes and an ice bag. The plastic flutes, while understandable, were not ideal due to the ridiculous wind level. In fact, the weather couldn’t make its mind up all day which was a bit of a pain, fortunately though despite a grim forecast it stayed dry, which is all you need really. The moments where the sun was indeed shining were gorgeous though.

The team

We took it in turns to go to the food area and grab a bite to bring back to our table, there wasn’t a huge amount of seating available so chairs were a commodity you couldn’t leave unguarded!

The Lanson enclosure and stalls outside

Most of us went straight for the Pizza from Born & Raised which was delicious but tricky to eat with the wind at the levels it was. A few went for the Mac and cheese stand and there were plenty of other options such as lobster rolls, Fanny’s kebabs (who have places in market hall Fulham and Victoria which is so tasty), brownies, fish and chips and empanadas.

Divot stomping

The polo kicked off and we wandered to the front to watch some, to be honest I have no idea what the rules of polo are but I was caught up in the atmosphere and quite enjoyed the bits I did catch.

Get there early if you want a seat

We obviously had to get some Pimms before the day was out so a few people went to the Pimms bus to go and get some of the best summer drink you can hope for, and it was suitably fruity and refreshing.

Pimms O’ Clock

Lanson Lads

During the third and final match we abandoned our spot and ventured up to the field to partake in the traditional half time divot stomping, which was a lot of fun. Then we headed out to the Fevertree tent for some tasty G&Ts – they came in cups which had a thumb gap which was great because the condensation on the plastic cups made it pretty slippy.

Pink drinks from the FeverTree bus

Polo in the park after party

We grabbed a spot more food (I was devastated that the fish and chip van had run out of halloumi fries) and then we headed out of the park to go find a pub in Parsons Green for an after party. The pubs were all pretty rammed but we managed to go and get some seats in one, where a fight broke out. After that a smaller group of us decided to hit the after party at Embargos which was great fun, I enjoyed the two for one cocktails immensely and am a big fan of the heated smoking terrace! Plus I’m in love with anything Cuban themed at the moment following my recent trip there, so it was the perfect way to end our day ❤️

We have been to the museum in Havana so naturally we must point it out

Selfie time

I would highly recommend a trip to the polo if you’re a fan of fancy day drinking and sports then this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Posing with the sign

We matched the background so well

Such a lovely day

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