Bottomless brunch in Dubai at Zero Gravity

Bottomless brunches are EVERYWHERE in Dubai. Every hotel does them, every beach club, so how an earth do you choose which one to do? We did a little research, but mainly we spoke to people we know who visit Dubai regularly, and all of their recommendations were the same. Go to Zero Gravity bottomless brunch.

Zero gravity Dubai pool party
Swimming with my pineapple cup

This was perfect for our trip schedule, as Tropical Brunch, the name Zero Gravity bottomless brunch event is known, takes place every Friday, from 1-5pm. The Friday of the trip so happened to be Craig’s birthday, so it seemed like a pretty perfect way to celebrate!

Zero gravity bottomless brunch pool
So many people

Zero Gravity bottomless brunch – Venue and information

The venue for Tropical Brunch is Zero Gravity.  This is a small beach next to Skydive Dubai. No prizes for guessing why it was named zero gravity! It is not too far from the base of the palm, so was only a short taxi ride for us.

The skydivers land right by the beach and the planes also take off there. They are pretty cool to watch, especially when waiting for the brunch entertainment to begin!

Skydivers zero gravity Dubai
Skydiver coming in to land

Zero Gravity bottomless brunch kicks off at 1pm. However the venue is open from 9am if you are really wanting to get certain spots. The loungers by the pool go pretty quickly! We were advised to show up for around 11am, and we were easily able to get 2 loungers on the beach. I got an umbrella for me, the pale vampire queen who burns pretty easily.

Upon arrival there was about 4 different fruit infused water coolers to hydrate with while you queued to go in . We didn’t queue really having got there early but it was still appreciated after exiting the air conditioned taxi and stepping back into the heat. Not least because we had a bottle of champagne for birthday breakfast!

Entrance is 295AED for girls and 345AED for boys. Everything in Dubai seems to be priced like that, less for the girls. Presumably they think we eat and drink less… Craig and I split the overall cost, and so it was probably about £70 each. This gets you the beach club entrance, your pineapple refillable cup, and four hours unlimited food and drinks. Also worth noting that they are strict on ID checks so do bring your passport as they seemed to be checking everyones.

If you are feeling extra flash, they also have VIP packages with cabanas and big round sofas by the pool available. These were pretty pricey and needed a minimum of four people to book.

Waiting for the food and drinks

The early part of the day was ideal photo time, as when everyone has arrived at 1 there is no space in the pool for that sort of thing. So if you want shots for the Gram without millions of people in definitely head there early.

Giant pineapples at zero gravity Dubai
The biggest pineapple you have ever seen

We wandered around the venue and there were giant pineapples to pose with, along with a bunch of cool things like hammocks, beanbags, picnic benches etc. which you could claim if you fancied. It gave us a chance to clock which alcohol stands were doing what as well, as they are all divided into certain spirits / types of cocktail so good information to have for when they opened!

Fruit decorations tropical brunch Dubai
Hammock tropical brunch Dubai
Craig in his natural habitat

There was a small bar open in the corner near the swimming pool, but you had to pay for those drinks and having already paid £70 we were willing to wait for the free stuff!

We also used this time to go for a swim in the sea. This was like getting in a bath, totally bizarre and not at all helpful for cool down in the heat. The pool was a much nicer temperature!

Infinity pool zero gravity Dubai
Living my best life in the pool

Inside is also quite spacious and was air-conditioned if you fancied cooling off.

Oh and girls, the toilet and shower facilities are insanely nice and they had hairdryers, straighteners, curlers, you name it! So you can look pristine for the after party, assuming you aren’t too smashed to use heated hair appliances…


All your drinks come in your giant pineapple cup that you are given on arrival. They are free and you get to write a name tag for them, but if you lose it you have to pay for a new one. You also get to take it home, and as a big fan of novelty cups I was pretty happy about this!

Pineapple cup tropical brunch Dubai

So as mentioned before, all the drink stands had different things. The large hut in the middle of the outdoor area did regular house drinks like beers, spirit and mixers etc. Then there was a bacardi hut which did mojitos and other rum drinks. Plus a frozen daiquiri / margarita stand, which had ready made slush flavours that you had your preferred spirit added to. Then gin, vodka and whisky stands as well.

Bacardi beanbags
Welcome to the party

I believe if you were on a VIP package you can also get prosecco and champagne and premium spirits, just in case you were wondering.

We went straight in for the frozen drinks to cool down, which totally gave me brain freeze, but it was worth it. I would not recommend the blue ‘sea breeze’ one, it was disgusting, but I wanted to try it as I am obsessed with blue drinks!

The queues were fairly long at each stand all of the time, and the service at some of them was unbelievably slow, so you do have to be a bit patient. Which isn’t ideal when you are stood out in the 40 degree sunshine, but anything for the unlimited beverages eh.


Ok so we actually did a really bad job with food. As the food opened, we split up to go to separate food stalls. They had two outside – one which was just meats – burgers, roasted meats, chicken, all sorts. Craig went for that one.

I went to the other, which had the most random mix of everything. There were cheese spring rolls (but no other type, what is that all about!), wings, lasagne, chips, salmon, croissants, pasta, curry, rice, vegetables, mac and cheese. No idea what the theme was there but I helped myself to some of that.

We were both pretty full after those plates, and planned to go back and get some other food and check out what was indoors later. But then we had more drinks, and made some friends and kept drinking with them and totally forgot about the food until 5pm had passed oops. Fortunately we had remembered to get final drinks though, and we hung out in the pool until they kick you out of there at sunset.

Pool party zero gravity Dubai
Look at everyone with their pineapples!

The experience

We had a really fun day at Zero Gravity bottomless brunch. It was nice to have a chilled few hours before the drinking began to enjoy the beach and the surroundings before it was super busy. A lot of people seemed to be arriving around 1-1.30pm, which seemed mad to me, if you pay that much surely you want to be there for when the unlimited starts? But there we go, would 100% getting there by 12pm at the latest so you have time to find a base and have a quick swim etc.

We spent a lot of time chilling in the pool with people we met there which was really fun and meant we could take it in turns to hold our edge of pool space whilst going to get drinks. This is hard when there’s only two of you! We picked the far side of the pool away from the bars as it was much more roomy over there but it did mean basically fighting a rugby scrum to get out and go get more! Made especially challenging by the centre of the pool being a little too deep for someone who is 5″3 to walk through comfortably, so having to swim in that crowd with two giant alcohol filled pineapples, which is quite a challenge!

Zero gravity Dubai pool
New pals

The after party was pretty fun, Hedkandi were running it the day we were there and there was loads of glitter makeup available. They did T shirt cannons and beach balls into the pool, so that was all really good fun. By around half 7, we were hungry again so we left the party in search of food and to go and have some more chilled drinks after a day of partying in the sun.

Sunset zero gravity Dubai
Sunset fun
Hedkandi party zero gravity Dubai
Headkandi afterparty

It was a great day and definitely would recommend doing it if you want a proper Dubai beach party bottomless brunch. Just make sure you bring plenty of suncream, and don’t forget to eat more food!

If you want to check out the website for any more details you can by clicking here!

Or if you prefer bottomless food and drink at night time rather than during the day, you can read all about the Barasti Tropicana Pool Party here which delivers just that!

Infinity pool zero gravity Dubai

Can I go back now please?

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