The Athenian – food review

A few days ago Craig and I went to The Athenian in Victoria, in order to claim the free Halloumi Fries which I won in an Instagram giveaway, yay!

So I thought I would do a quick post about the food an the experience in case you were thinking of checking it out for yourself. Especially if like me, your food choices revolve around finding places which will feed you halloumi.

The Athenian Instagram Halloumi giveaway
I actually won something on an Instagram giveaway!


We chose to go to the Victoria branch, as it’s pretty close to work for both of us and we can easily get the train back to either of ours from there so it’s an ideal location.

The branch is very small, with only space to sit about 8 people. Most of their business seemed to be people coming in to get takeaway or Deliveroo orders.

This was actually kind of nice, as most of the time we were there it was just us so it was like our own private restaurant!

The food

The Athenian Victoria
Hi I will take all of the food please

So of course we got the halloumi fries, the whole reason we went! You can choose to have them with cool tzatziki sauce, their own ‘Athenian’ sauce, or spicy feta sauce. We went for the spicy feta, because what cheese dipping sticks need is most definitely more cheese!

They were so delicious – really big portion and quite hot on the spice scale!

free halloumi fries the Athenian
Happiest when I have fried halloumi cheese

We also ordered a souvlaki each. I went for halloumi (yes I am aware that I am obsessed) and Craig went for the double meat option, which was chicken and pork. He asked for tzatziki rather than Athenian sauce as comes as standard, which they were totally fine with.

Personally I loved the Athenian sauce!

The Athenian halloumi souvlaki
Was so excited to get stuck in
The Athenian meat souvlaki
Craig got all of the meat

And just in case this wasn’t enough food, we also ordered a side of sweet potato fries with feta on top. It was only an extra £1 for a mountain of crumbly feta 😍

The athenian sweet potato fries with feta
sweet potato dreams are made of cheese

They were incredible and I couldn’t believe how good value they were!

Alas we definitely had eyes bigger than our stomachs, as we didn’t quite manage all the sweet potato fries. But we did continue to pick at them whilst we polished off our wine.

We got a bottle of the red wine to have with our food, which was a Greek wine.

The Athenian Greek red wine
Tasty and cheap Greek wine

The wine was very reasonable at £14.50 a bottle, and we drank it out of tumblers which was quirky.

Dining experience at the Athenian

I would definitely go back to the Athenian or order it off deliveroo.

The whole thing only cost £32 and it filled us up easily. Admittedly we got the halloumi fries free, but it still would have been less than £20 each if we had paid full price. Which included a bottle of wine.

I’d definitely like to go to one of the bigger branches, I know there is one in one of the Tooting Markets near where I live. And as a big fan of the markets I will check it out some time soon I am sure!

Great value and good vegetarian and meat options, and all the halloumi you could ever want, what’s not to love!

If you want to know more, check out their website here!

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