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F9B421CE-A9EF-40F6-A2C6-F8585CEDECF8Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned to everyone who will listen over the last 5/6 months, I AM GOING TO VIETNAM TOMORROW.

And I am excited. Just a little. Can you tell?

I packed on Sunday, so almost a week ago and now I am panicking that I can’t remember what I packed and can’t decide what top to wear on the plane tomorrow!

I think I have all the essentials, passport, chargers, camera, adaptor, clothes to cover various occasions and my brand new raincoat, which I am very proud of haha, which is ironic considering that since about the age of 12 I had considered myself too cool to wear anything as practical as a raincoat.

I have two books, a fiction and a non-fiction, and to be honest given the speed I read at I am not convinced its enough but as I am taking a back pack I don’t really fancy carrying any more to be quite frank.

Last time I flew to south east Asia my backpack got lost, so I am hoping that we are not separated again because that was super stressful and similarly to that trip, we aren’t spending much time in any one location so it wouldn’t have long to catch me up!

We are travelling from Ho Chi Min City in the south up to Hanoi in the north. Cannot wait to check out all of the places along the way, especially the stunning Ha Long bay. Prepare to be instagram spammed for like the next 6 months until I hopefully go to Cuba.

I am taking a travel journal so that I can while away the numerous long journeys we have by making sure I take decent notes for a good meaty post when I get back so I actually remember what I have done! I tried to do this in SE Asia last time and gave up after like 2 days so wish me luck.

After diligently cleaning the bathroom after my luxuriously hot shower (I haven’t forgotten the numerous cold ones on my last trip) I am finalising my stuff before heading to my travel buddy / boyfriend’s as he lives on the train line to Gatwick and we intend to eat all the pizza as we likely won’t see much for the next 2 weeks!

Fingers crossed I can lift my backpack haha. Seriously those things are heavy. Of course I have made sure that there is space for a few souvenirs – obviously I need one of these straw bags that everyone who goes to Asia now seems to acquire – fortunately I have the elephant trousers from Thailand already, which I will not be wearing on the plane there because I don’t want to be that person…

Now I shall stop procrastinating and get on with final bits and pieces wooo! Bye everyone! See you in two weeks!

Update: If you want to read all about my trip, check out these posts!

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  1. Enjoy the trip! I absolutely loved Hanoi. The people were so genuine and generous. I must admit I am a bit envious. Look forward to seeing the pix and reading of your travels.

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