Pick and Cheese – London’s cheese conveyer belt restaurant

Ever thought that you should be able to eat plates of cheese straight from a cheese conveyer belt that brings little creamy slices of heaven to you? Well great news, now you can! Just visit Pick and Cheese.

The wonderful people behind the Cheese bar LDN in Camden have now set up a new venture that allows cheese enthusiasts to do just that. We had to go check it out, so here is a quick review of the experience with a few tips for if you are considering going!

Pick and Cheese conveyer belt
Cheeky boomerang screenshot


In the heart of Covent Garden, located in Seven Dials Market, sits ‘Pick and Cheese’. The small restaurant offers the unique dining experience of picking your cheese as it trundles past you under glass domes on a 40m conveyer belt.

Restaurant and cheese conveyer belt

Most of the seating is around the magical cheese conveyer belt on little stools, although there are a few booth tables at the back. We got one of those booths as there was 6 of us. As it is situated in a market, it is open plan with other restaurants visible across the the floor.

When you arrive there is a menu on your table, which explains what each cheese or charcuterie item is, what it is accompanied with and what the price for that plate is.

Pick and Cheese Menus and conveyer belt
Pick and Cheese Menus and conveyer belt

Much like the Yo Sushi conveyer belt serving style, which most of us are familiar with, each different plate is coloured differently. For each plate, the colour corresponds to a price listed on the menu. Blue plates were the cheapest at £2.95, with beige plates, grey plates and the pricier red plates also available.

Each dome has a little metal charm on depicting its number, so you can tell clearly which menu item is which.

The cheese

There were around 30 different items to choose from, with cheeses which were made right here in the UK. The variation of cheese available was excellent, from soft sheep cheese, nutty Gouda and tangy Stilton.

Each cheese is also accompanied with a unique pairing. My personal favourite was the Stilton with an oaty chocolate cookie, very random but really tasty. We also had a soft cheese with so much garlic, super delicious.

Cheese at Pick and Cheese
A delicious soft cheese featuring background charcuterie plate

They also do separate plates, such as a four cheese toasty, which was SO GOOD, a fried halloumi style cheese which is made in North London, a baked cheese, and more unique items such as ‘Beauvale blue cheese soft serve ice cream’, which is served with honeycomb, chocolate shavings and pear coulis – we didn’t try it but I must admit I am intrigued…

Where there is cheese, there is of course wine. There was a small selection, and we enjoyed ours with an Italian red.

A great experience for cheese lovers

I would encourage you to book before going, as the queue was pretty long and not very fast moving. We had to pay a deposit, which was then deducted from the bill at the end. If you do want to chance it, they are open from 12pm so would advise getting there early! You can book on their website by clicking here.

It was really tasty and the novelty didn’t wear off during our visit. How many boomerangs of a cheese conveyer belt do you need? More than you think, is the answer!

As the location is all indoors, it is the perfect activity now that the weather is a bit grim outside. I don’t know about all of you, but cheese eating definitely feels like a festive, cosy activity.

Charcuterie at Pick and Cheese
Craig enjoying his cheese and meats

As a cheese lover, seriously it’s my favourite food, this place is a dream come true. I would definitely recommend the experience. I really like that the plate system means you can eat as much or as little as you like, so it is ideal for a lunch date or just an afternoon snack to tide you over.

So if you are looking for something cool to do in London this weekend, what are you waiting for – head to Pick and Cheese!

Cannot wait to go back some time and check out more delicious cheese!

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