World Cup fever

It’s taken over the country and we’ve all gone mad – it’s the World Cup and I am so caught up in World Cup fever I thought I’d write about it.

Every tournament we start off hopeful but sceptical. We assume we will make it out the group stages, then probably get knocked out in a poorly played 1-0 knock out.

But here we are folks, for the first time in my and most of my friends lives, England are through to the semi finals. And the country has lost it.

it’s been a crazy tournament with favourites being knocked out left right and centre and people have been hooked. For once, although the remaining teams are tough, we actually have a shot at making the final.

I never thought I’d have to say this, but England does not have enough pubs. Trying to find somewhere to watch tonight and also speculatively book for Sunday’s final has been a joke.

Everywhere has either been fully booked or is charging entry, which for a normal pub is pretty damn cheeky if you ask me, especially as they will make a killing during the game anyway and they know that.

Slightly irritating for those of us who have watched every game and watch football weekly as actual fans of the game who can’t find anywhere to watch it now that everyone and their dog suddenly cares, but I can hardly blame them for being excited. It is pretty damn exciting.

I listened to three lions the whole way from Fulham to Bow on Saturday after the Sweden game and I am fully on board with all these ‘it’s coming home’ memes flooding the internet, not to mention Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat!

It’s been dominating my insta story for weeks and I even named my stuffed lion, who I got at ZSL Nights a few weeks ago, ‘Trent’ after Alexander Arnold because it seemed appropriate. 🦁

Peak excitement had to be after the match on Saturday when my boyfriend and I were legit looking at the feasibility of flying to Moscow and going to the semi and maybe the final, but it was all looking a bit on the expensive side sadly.

Especially gutted we didn’t now I’ve seen that BA were giving out waistcoats to those on their flights this morning – top banter from them! 😂

But hopefully the hype will continue all the way to Sunday and the 52 years of hurt will be over.

COME ON ENGLAND 🦁⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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