So I thought I would write a short post about Halloween – even though I feel guilty for not having done my Vietnam / Cyprus trip blogs yet – but I am going to try and do them this weekend now I have got all the photos onto my computer! Promise!

Now Halloween is kind of a strange time as an adult. When you are a kid you are excited about sweets and stuff, as a teenager/ uni student it is all about the nights out and what you are wearing and now as an adult I don’t really know what to do with it haha!

it is still a good excuse for a night out, but I feel like people aren’t as committed to the dressing up part – I guess lots of people associate it with uni. I personally don’t have space for much dressing up stuff in my little room in London so dressing up does seem a bit of effort really, much as I enjoy it.

What I do enjoy though is the fun fall stuff that comes with Halloween – specialist hot drinks are now everywhere (and it is now acceptable to drink mulled alcoholic beverages, for warmth of course) so that is exciting, and I love all the cute displays in London with autumnal flowers, pumpkins, skulls (looking at you Peggy Porschen) – they really brighten the place up despite the darkening skies and chilly weather.

Pumpkin carving is pretty fun and it is something I hadn’t done in a few years so I was very keen when it was suggested in the house group chat. I am still pretty chuffed with my big scary pumpkin, although for some reason when asked to guess most people seemed to think I was responsible for the cat… And it was a great weeknight activity to get us all together, plus the pumpkins from Sainsburys were pretty cheap – £2 for the small ones and £3 for the large! Bargain!

When I get my own place (or more realistically if, because London probs) I would like to decorate a bit for Halloween, I am a big fan of cats and bats and the black / orange / purple / green colour scheme, but that is something I will just have to wait a few more years for I guess! There will be zero spiders, because spiders are the absolute worst.

Personally I am not really into scary / horror movies (understatement of the century – I am a big wuss and get scared far too easily to watch them, I haven’t even been able to finish Stranger things because it was too scary!), but you bet I will be cracking out some Harry Potter this weekend! That scene in the Philosophers Stone with the Feast is so festive!

However you celebrate it or whether you aren’t a massive fan, Happy Halloween all!

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  1. Loved this post & your pumpkins look super cool too! 🎃🧡🍂

    Sinéad Anna Chalke x

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