Best Instagram spots in Venice

Ok so this post almost seems pointless, as literally the entirety of Venice is so beautiful! There is endless potential when it comes to Instagram spots in Venice. You won’t want to stop snapping the shots. Bridges, canals, jetties and gondolas beckon around every charming yet crumbling corner. Every street in Venice can be turned into the perfect playground of history, angles and muted colours!

Hidden instagram spots of Venice
A side street by our hotel had this little spot

Walking around feels like a dream, a movies set, a fantasy land. Much like Hoi An, which I visited on my South to North Vietnam trip, it is hard to believe such a place exists in today’s world. Although unlike Hoi An, the whole thing is of course in danger of sinking away and becoming a modern day Atlantis. I was personally fortunate to visit Venice during the Covid-19 pandemic, when there were very few tourists around. This made it much easier to get good photos as there was less pressure not to be in people’s way or lurkers ruining the shot.

Academia bridge venice
Plenty of time to take the photos at the hotspots

But I am rambling so let us crack on to the best Instagram spots I found on my travels. We will kick off with an obvious one, the island of Burano!

Burano Island

If you are a fan of colourful buildings, which let’s face it, who isn’t, then you need to visit Burano! This island is about a 45 minute journey on a water taxi or ‘Vaparetto’ as they are known locally! For more info on visiting the island check out my post on visiting Burano here!

On the island there is a main street lined with shops and restaurants, then a few streets off this with the iconic canals.

Burano colourful houses
Burano colourful houses

One bridge in particular where the canals intersect, which is reached by taking a right when you hit the main street, is great for getting in maximum canal-side colour!

Burano instagram bridge
The bridge that is all over the gram

You don’t want to miss a trip around the side streets either! Be sure to explore the island beyond the main street to find the extra jazzy, multicoloured house! This house, Casa Bepi, belonged to a local who apparently loved cinema as well as painting his house with geometric shapes. The story goes he used to create outdoor cinemas with a white sheet for local children.

Casa Bepi buron colourful house
Casa Bepi is so jazzy!

Plus for a quieter instagram spot, the streets around the back of the island are just as colourful as the ones full of people! There are even a few sporting Italian flag’s for an added little something!

Burano colourful house italian flag
Italian flag chilling

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s palace is full of stunning artwork, grand council chambers and gorgeous gothic architecture.

Doge's palace ceiling
Fancy ceiling in the Doge’s Palace

There is a beautiful courtyard to explore upon entry, where I got this shot looking out across which I love. For more info on visiting costs and what to expect you can check out my post on things to do in Venice here.

Doge's palace venice
Just pretending it is my palace…

This is also the site of the famous bridge of sighs. Although that is best pictured from the canal or parallel bridges, you can get a cool shot looking out at the views which would have been prisoners final impressions of Venice.

bridge of sighs view venice
A last glimpse of the floating city for many prisoners

Piazza San Marco

Everyone goes for the shot with St Mark’s Basilica behind them. It is one of the more obvious Instagram spots in Venice which has been drawing tourists for holidays spots long before Instagram graced our devices. And why wouldn’t you want that shot, its a remarkably beautiful building. There are lots of beautiful cafes in the square for a very European feel to your pictures, although be warned, they are expensive if you fancy a coffee!

St Marks Basilica
Probably the emptiest its been at 11am…

The tower also provides a good focal point for pictures. I recommend standing at the end of the Piazza furthest from St Mark’s Campanile (the giant tower) and using the archways of the buildings around the square as a frame! The view from the top of the Campanile isn’t bad either!

St Marks square venice
The whole square behind me!

If you are here after it has rained as well you can see the flooding which occurs, sometimes putting the streets of Venice in several inches of water!

People do get pictures in the square with pigeons by feeding them as well. However by law you are not supposed to feed the pigeons. Also not sure why you would want a bunch of pigeons to crowd you, but each to their own…

View from st mearksCampanile
Venice Archipelago

Gondola ride

If you are in Venice you simply must get a gondola ride. Yes they are pricey, but they are by far the best way to see the little back canals and enjoy the more tranquil areas of the floating city. The main route, which you pay a little extra for, takes you under the Bridge of Sighs. This makes a good place to sit up front for your gondola photo. They say if you kiss on a gondola whilst gliding underneath you will be together forever. I can personally attest that is b*llocks. Thanks for nothing bridge.

Bridge of sighs Venice
Heading under the bridge of sighs

However broken dreams aside, it is wonderfully romantic and I would recommend taking a ride. The gondoliers encourage you to move about the boat too to have different pictures taken which is great. Plus we got another gondolier to take a photo of us in the boat with our gondolier which was a cool photo.

Romantic gondola ride
It was super cute

Rialto bridge

This bridge was probably the busiest place we went the entire trip. Most of the shops along the bridge were closed sadly so it didn’t quite have the same feel to it. However the best photos are looking onto the bridge rather than actually on it.

Rialto bridge instagram spots
When you kind of match the striped pole

Either side of the bridge you can wander parallel to the canal and find a side street or two with a little jetty. These make the perfect spot to take that twirling dress shot, or the eating street pizza photo. Sadly we didn’t do the pizza shot, which I kind of regretted when I saw lots after. Mainly because any excuse to eat pizza. I think the jetty with the red and white stipe poles to tie boats to with the Rialto Bridge behind may be the most iconic of Instagram spots in Venice.

Libreria Acqua Alta

Definite competitor for most Instagrammed book shop in the world I expect! The staircase of books out at the back of the store is legendary. The #libreriaacquaalta itself has almost 40k tags on Instagram at the time of writing and it is easy to see why.

Unconventional is the best way to describe the layout of this unique book shop. The walls are jam packed floor to ceiling with books. Casually in the middle of the store there is an old gondola piled precariously with books too. No idea what one does if they want to peruse one of the ones near the bottom!

Libreria Acqua Alta
Unconventional book shelves

There are several back areas of the store too. One has a tethered gondola, which you can go sit in and get a picture if you don’t fancy paying for the full experience! Although it does have a little roof on it unlike the ones you actually take out on the water, so it isn’t quite the same.

Libreria Acqua Alta gondola
Secret gondola

Another space already mentioned is that staircase of books, which leads to no where but makes for a cool backdrop! Especially if you are an avid bookworm like myself. Paradise!

Libreria Acqua Alta staircase
Book staircase!

Plus, as if it wasn’t enough to take in already, there are a whole load of cats who freely roam the store. We could only find one furry friend when we visited but there are supposed to be many more! There is certainly a wealth of cat hiding spaces in there.

Libreria Acqua Alta cat
Books and cats, the dream!

Murano Island

Murano is Burano’s less colourful cousin. It is much closer to the main Island of Venice, with being only a 10 minute hop across on the Vaparetto. Murano is famous for its glassmaking, so there are beautiful store displays a plenty. Sadly the day we visited was a public holiday on top of covid restrictions so there wasn’t much open and we had missed the glass factories from spending so long on Burano!

Murano canal
Murano is still bright and pretty

The streets are still some what colourful, with more mute pastel shades lining the canals. Murano contains a much wider canal than Burano, with a lovely iron wrought bridge which is perfect for a sunset shot.

Murano sunset
Sunset bridge of dreams

The smaller canals are really cute with a few little ice gelato places and cafe bars dotted around too if you want some shots eating and drinking.

Gelato murano
Gelato on the canal

Venice Lido

It may not be the prettiest beach in the world, but there are some cool looking beach clubs along Venice Lido. We wanted to go to one, but as we arrived around lunch time and the numbers were very reduced due to covid, we couldn’t find any with space and went to the general beach at the end instead.

Venice lido
I love the beach so much

Still, any beach photo is a good photo right?

Cafes of Venice

There are so many adorable, wonky cobbled streets with little canal side cafes for a little pit stop and a pose with an unbelievably cheap Aperol Spritz.

Venice street cafe
That smile is for the food

If you want to sit along the front of the Grand Canal you can expect to pay a bit more for the beautiful terraces, but they look gorgeous. We wanted to go to Harry’s Bar, home of the Bellini, but they hadn’t reopened after restrictions were lifted in the city. Otherwise we would have got such a picture but alas.

eating out in Venice
One of the few open restaurants whereI tried grappa!

Sitting or wandering along the waterside with some chichetti, or gelato makes for a cute, very Italian vibes shot! Bonus points if you can get some gondoliers in the background like this one!

Aperol spritz slushy
This aperol slushy was amazing

Backstreets and Bridges

In my opinion, the best photo spots in Venice are the ones which aren’t Instagram famous! It is hard to really say exactly where they are. The little jetties jutting out into the canals.

Venice instagram spots
I loved all these cute little piers

Beautifully wrought bridges in front of pastel coloured, dilapidated yet charming buildings. With hardly any people there either. They provide a slightly more unique perspective on this tourist hotspot destination.

Venice grand canal
Venice grand canal

These winding side streets provide the true magic of Venice in my opinion. Getting lost down them with someone you love is a privilege not to be taken for granted. So don’t be afraid to wander away from the main streets and get creative!

Bridges of Venice
The architecture is just stunning. Thank you Venice.

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